Codechef Cook Off Or Lunch Time

Should i , with knowledge of basic c++ with ds and algo , should go with lunchtime or cook off so i can improve my skills and go to competitive programming ?

Since you are a beginner with less experience, why not test every such contest. All contest bring up easy+medium+hard problems. What worst would happen? You might not solve any but the time restriction pressure will yield out best from you, even if you failed to solve one.
Go for both, explore all contests. Try to solve and if unable to solve during contest, do UPSOLVE them later. Learn without caring about ratings, eventually u will see a positive change.


I very much recommend participating. I started off with a contest with almost no knowledge in ds and algo, just basic c++, and have learned from each one of them and am steadily improving.
What I recommend is after every contest, check the editorials of the question you couldn’t solve and learn the algo behind it if you aren’t familiar with it .
This might help.

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thanks for your response, will surely try all contest

That link is very useful, thanks for sharing

“Learn without caring about ratings”
most underrated advice. I agree that for me (and for many others) sometimes jump in rating become more important than learning something new or solving a actual challenging problem yourself.


Agreed with you brother. Ratings doesn’t matter, only the knowledge and dedication matters.

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