CodeChef Crashed Again?

I am getting 502 Bad Gateway, and am not able to initialize IDE or submit problems
did the site crash like last time (during the START40B contest)?


I have already created this topic

this is normal now

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sorry, it didn’t show up on my discuss homepage…

Not a big problem at all until its wa or tle :slight_smile:

Seems like it crashed again… Why Codechef… Why?

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The problem arises because of some guy at codeforces posting blog for this starters event.
Whats the need of bringing traffic to our platform . Those who are regular they suffer because of such blogs.

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I submitted the 2nd one and then internal server error

BTW there server should handle traffic.

yeah, now I am getting

500 Internal Server Error

:frowning: was excited about this contest

Problems are not loading

i haven’t even been able to see a single problem statement

but you have solved one from the contest

hey buddy can you guide me how can i achieve my 3rd star, what should i do?

@admin will we get extra time or something since site crashed?

The contest will be rated and will be for the same 3 hours duration.

Yeah man, you need to solve more practice problems.
If you go to practice and gradually solve problems of increasing difficulty (video solutions/editorials available if you need help) you will be able to apply those concepts in future contests and increase your rating.

Practice problems of various types and improve your skill, you’ll def get 3 stars