CodeChef Ded

CodeChef has changed completely, it isn’t the same, what it was before 2-3 years ago, the number of contests has decreased. Like F I just checked the contest page after a long time, there aren’t any contests. I really miss those 10 days Long challenges, I really miss, I used to learn a lot from them. And the dopamine release on solving problems in Lunchtime and Cookoff, Now its all gone. Imagine if there were only test matches in cricket and no other format in cricket, will it not be annoying, Same is with codechef. Only starters. Unfortunately, the codechef is dead, maybe its because of change in leadership, like ummmNik becoming admin and codechef being sold to unacademy, the only Indian programming platform, which is on its death bed. @admin.


And the discuss section was on main home page, the platform was more interactive and open. Now its like atcoder with hidden discuss section. Sed platform :frowning:

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If you are logged in, the latest discuss activity is right there on the landing page. Not sure why you think it’s hidden.

As for the other point:

“Long contests Starters will continue as they are” ,the last long challenge was held in January if I am not wrong. Its just sickening to see just starters in the schedule. “the latest discuss activity is right there on the landing page” : this is not at all good, I don’t know whether you remember or not, the discuss section was much more friendlier before all the changes happened. Before this changes, if I remember properly, there was a slider on home page, which displayed all the upcoming challenges or events. But I do like somethings like the live rating predictor, the speed of rating changes. It would be really helpful if you just bring up the 10 days long challenges, it involved learning new things. I know due to plag issues 10 days long challenges were removed. But it was not a good idea to completely remove the 10 days Long challenge. You could have just made a seperate rating column for Long challenge just like 1v1 challenges.