Codechef Detector Problem

I’m A Bigger in CP, In The Earlier Starters 26 , I Have solved two Problems for my own of struggling for 2 hours,

And today when I checked my profile I got to know that CodeChef decreased my rating -390 points it was a very heartbreaking moment as well as a demotivating moment for me I have been penalized for something that I have didn’t done, please @admin take a look at this problem and get my ratings back as well as improve your detection system.

As it says on the screenshot you’ve shared, it’s for plagiarizing in START23C:

An email would have been sent to you about this.


@admin when cookoff’s rating will be updated in profile ? Usually it updates within 6-7 hrs but this time it didn’t .


The same has happened to me in LTIME104B and i did not received any email regarding this. I solved only 2 question on my own without any help. Please look into this.

You should check you Spam. Or send an email to

Solution: 57331373 | CodeChef - Solution: 57331096 | CodeChef

Solution: 57311612 | CodeChef - Solution: 57311099 | CodeChef

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