CodeChef Domain Expired­čś▒

The domain has expired!!!

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So sad­čą▓

Back to normal now. Sorry for the issue.


but how?? I still donÔÇÖt get it, i saw the page saying domain expiredÔÇŽ does that mean someone forgot to renew it??.. :thinking:
ps. now its resolved but still just wanna know what had happened?

It shows the same to me again?


So I have two laptops, and on one its working, and on other its not ! idk what exactly is the issue, and not working on my mobile phone either, posting this through one of my laptop where the site is working, I used ipconfig/flushdns as well clearing cookies, caches, tried different browsers etc.

Try opening in incognito mode.
I hope itÔÇÖll work.

I am facing the same issue tried in incognito in both firefox and chrome, cleared cache but still it showing the domain is expired.

Try opening any other webpage other than the homepage.
Like this: Competitive Programming and Coding Challenges | CodeChef

Our domain expired on Wed, 24 Nov and we had to transfer our domain to different name servers to renew it.
DNS takes a while to propagate across the internet. And thus, many of our users faced issues connecting. We sincerely apologize for this.

In case you are or anyone you know is still facing issues, you can try the following things.

  1. Changing the internet connection (ISP). Different ISPs rely on different DNS at different times.
  2. Changing the browser (Chromium, Firefox, Safari). Different browsers have different policy on caching.
  3. Try clearing your systemÔÇÖs DNS cache.

You can look at How to clear the DNS cache on your computer

Or these commands:
For Mac, open a terminal and run this command

sudo dscacheutil -flushcache; sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder

For Windows,