CodeChef has Changed now!

For the last 1-2 months, I am looking at the level of problems served by Codechef and they really amazed me. now they are serving problems which need more of thinking which I really appreciated. It’s really a nice move to bring back the legacy of CodeChef in the era of Codeforces :stuck_out_tongue:

Even the editorials provided on youtube helped everyone and motivates them to solve the hardest of the problem.
Thank you CodeChef for such a change in 2020, at least something good is happening in 2020


I think this is because 300iq has become coordinator


I definitely agree with you, seeing a tree or graph problem even in long challenges were rare, but now we can find them even in cook-offs and lunchtimes. I wish we could see some more interesting problems, hereafter.


if it is due to him, it was the need of the hour for CodeChef, Thanks 300iq


300iq did everything to make CodeChef great again. Take a look at number of submissions of most people, nobody really solves old problems cause there is no good material, unlike CF. Most people just do contests and rarely practice on here. Now we have great problems which require thinking and in a few months newcomers will get a great selection of problems to practice from.

What I don’t like though is that the statements look too much like CF ones. Just read the last long challenge Div2 problems and read a few CF rounds and you’ll see what I mean.

Just create a better system against cheaters and we’ve got an amazing place to practice CP.


Who is 300iq?


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