Codechef IDE does not allow me to select a programming language

I can not use the IDE to write in and compile my code. Is anyone else also facing this issue?

are you still facing this error @ravi_8922

This error occurs when you open 2 or more IDE tabs. It was working properly in the older UI.


yes basically it was due to multiple IDE open at same time . That’s why this problem of language selection occurs.

I thought i will still be able to open multiple tabs. But now i know

@hrishik85 any plans on fixing this?
If allowing multiple IDE tabs isn’t possible, can you guys please add a “reset code to saved template” button on the IDE?
Some people use Codechef IDE while participating in CF rounds and rewriting altered parts of the template after every problem is a bit annoying.

@rohitt28 This refresh button in the bottom right of the IDE does exactly what you want.

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Oh. I somehow never saw that XD. Thanks