Codechef ide is not working

Whenever i open the ide it is showing “we couldn’t initialize the ide. please reload.” And even after i reload it, it is not working.Can somebody help me how to fix this asap.


either you can reload the page or close the tab and start again
final sol:- switch to non-ide mode.

i have tried to reload as well as opening a new tab.Neither of them works.

so better go for non ide mode .

Is it working for you now? (I’m facing the same issue :frowning_face:)

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Thanks for reporting. It was an issue with the URL which you had clicked. It should be fixed now. Apologies!

It is working fine right now. Thanks for providing a quick solution to my problem :smile:

Hey they have said officially that the Codechef website is under maintenance, so the things take time to come in the normal position …