Codechef IDE showing 'submission limit reached' ?

I always do code editing using the Codechef IDE. However, since a few days it keeps on showing an error ‘Submission Limit Reached’ and then the submit button becomes unresponsive for a few moments. When the button becomes active, then only after a few more attempts the solution is compiled and run. This makes the use of Codechef IDE very frustrating. What is the cause behind this?


I never faced this issue may be because I don’t use it much… But If you think it could be a possible bug then feel free to mail on I have heard they do not take much time to reply there… :slight_smile: Hope this will help.

It happens in 3 cases-

  1. When there is a long queue of submission for judge, eg- during contest. Never use codechef IDE during shot contest, except to check for undefined behavior as it takes lot of time to give result.
  2. When there is slow/unstable net from your side. Other errors you may get are “Judge has some issue”.
  3. In rare cases, a genuine problem with judge.

yeah, I’ve also faced that issue. Frustration increases more when the contest is going on.


I am also facing same problem, after resubmitting an answer

There is a refresh option available in most of the browsers please try using it :slight_smile:


I also encountered this. It seems like CodeChef has put a limit that one participant can submit only one solution in 2mins.

It’s 25 seconds as much as I remember

Sometimes, this error is shown when your chosen language and the language in which you have written the code are different.


may be you have selected different language like you have written cpp code in python. first refresh the page then select appropriate language.

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Yeah, I’ve also faced that issue. But in my case it is resolve by refreshing the browsers after 2-3 minutes.