Codechef ide

recently i was solving a problem GO ROUND
problem and when i was running my program on ide ,it was showing me run time error and some times segmentation fault although my code are running fine on local compiler . It wasted my lot of time but i dont find error and finally i submitted the solution and it get accepted …
so is there any issue with codechef ide??

How are we supposed to understand the problem if you don’t state anything about your code and language of coding? Please send the code which gives segmentation fault and we may be able to determine the cause.

Hey there i don’t know why that happened , but if u link your solution people might be able to understand it , you should try to bring clarity to your question , on codechef people generally respond quickly to well stated question :slightly_smiling_face:
link to my code
written in language c++

Sorry i have not clearly stated question