Codechef INOI editorial?

Is there an editorial for INOI problems? I couldn’t find one for INOI 2021. I took part this year and couldn’t solve this problem (CodeChef: Practical coding for everyone). I tried solving by converting the problem into a graph one.

If someone could suggest another method/share their code it would be of tremendous help!

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My Code

Video Editorial: Codechef INOI 2021: Among US - BFS; Graph Coloring - YouTube

Hi __
I solved the problem by a simple observation:
If A accuses B of being a parasite, then even if it isn’t given that B accuses A of being anything, we’ll still consider that B accuses A being a parasite, and add the required edges in the graph.
SImilarly, if A accuses B being a human, then add an edge for B accusing A to be human.

Now, we’ll build a graph according to above relations. And see if there is any valid combination for each connected component, and if there are multiple we’ll consider the one which gives maximum number of parasite.

You may look at my solution - KbQhn5 - Online C++0x Compiler & Debugging Tool - in case you are stuck