CodeChef is a scam service [rant]

So, I didn’t plan to do this, but CodeChef is disgustingly bad at delivering their services, so here’s my poor experience with the platform and why I hope it will cease to exist.

So a couple months back, I took part in NIUM2101, a contest hosted by Nium. Apparently top 100 participants deserved some rewards, and as I was not an Indian participant I hoped I could get the voucher. Little did I know, the voucher would never arrive.

I’ve written emails, posts on this forum and never did somebody attempt to check whether my voucher is sent. I would be presented with the same “vouchers were already distributed” message, although I couldn’t find it in my emails. This is an example of poor customer service and I don’t think it should go unnoticed.

Moving on, I’ve accumulated 1950 laddus and happily wanted to spend it on January 4, 2022, under the ID of 3419… The order was allegedly dispatched on 24 of May, after I’ve had to send a couple messages again, yet the tracking service states: not yet shipped!? What do you mean, like my order that was dispatched for which I’ve gotten the tracking ID (which I can’t get to work) is not yet shipped?!!

Come on, just at least deliver your orders if you offer them… These are just my two poor experiences of not being able to get in touch with anybody, yet being told I’ve gotten some sort of award… At this point, I have no faith in these items arriving ever.


@nichke - we are emailing you the details today.

  • Nium - the winners have been dispatched their goodies from Nium’s end. The prizes were directly handled by them. We have escalated this to them
  • Your goodies shipment was dispatched in Mid May. Will share the tracking id. Be rest assured that if there is an error - we will fix it.