Codechef is doing good, thank you :)

Any details on the new rewarding system of Codechef contests is appreciated. Thank You.

No nothing apart from a few laddus maybe.

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Didn’t you already get your reward? An undeserved ego boost. Go flex about your rank to your college friends.

I recommend changing variables like this guy next time so atleast I can enjoy reading it : Solution: 47831248 | CodeChef

Your submission : Solution: 47670853 | CodeChef
Some other respectable people like you : Solution: 47596092 | CodeChef
Solution: 47616820 | CodeChef
Your submision : Solution: 47757694 | CodeChef
Some other respectable people like you : Solution: 47768957 | CodeChef
Solution: 47757020 | CodeChef


lol you seem to be on a cheater hunting spree this evening.


Usually, I would be studying but I’m not in the mood today and this was kinda fun to do.


Thank you mate !

This variable guy is a legend. I will try to name the variables like it too.


I think they can give you some kinda internship for plagiarism busting.


Don’t justify cheating with your bullshit excuses.

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I read a post where he seems to have deleted his linkedin account. Since it was mentioned by some people. I think there accounts and posts along with comments have been removed by admin. Its so bad that the real proof shown above stays while the whistle blowers are punished.

I hope codechef will take this opportunity to reflect on whats happening

PS: His linkedin account is visible. But the original poster seems to have trouble visiting his profile. Linkedin says profile not available but the link works when original poster is logged out

Also About you. Don’t thinks so many people will let you get away with this. It would have been better if you simply accepted and made no fuss about it.

Also i read the linkedin post someone added on telegram group: Code Adda on LinkedIn: Adithya E S - Programmer - Self Employed | LinkedIn. I hope you take some to reflect that excuses wont get you anywhere.


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