Codechef is ****

To the people who are ranting about the site, if u don’t like it buzz off, don’t make a scene here at discuss.


You din’t read my post?


Constructive Critisism :\

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That’s fine, but all I see is bs ranting

Lmao sorry i just read heading … :rofl: ( Bhawna me bah gya )

If something turns out to be bad it should be expressed pata kaise chalega warna :stuck_out_tongue:

These are contests on codechef are so low quality that we are even not learning anything,expect becoming greedy for rating.

b e s t :stuck_out_tongue:

If people won’t criticise then how would the site improve?

CC atleast regulary contest kara ra hai kaafi underrated cheez hai ye :slight_smile:



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Me who always says CC is this , CC is that …in one word -


Keep them memes flowing. You seem pretty active in the forums. If you don’t mind me asking, are solving problems all day(not necessarily only on CodeChef)?

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Free in lockdown so … only improving myself ( small improvement also an improvement)

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