Codechef June Long Challenge:- A waste of Time?

This month’s Long challenge on CodeChef JUNE 20 DIV 2 saw a sudden increase in the number of submissions(especially in DIV 2), resulting in increase of rankings, the major reasons were-

  1. The first few questions were very easy and hence that increased the number of correct submissions, this is not a big issue it’s the 2nd one.
  2. Plagiarism and Discussions during the contest

Because of this, the rankings were unfair to those who really did work hard . People discussed solutions, shared codes. This can be easily seen post-contest by reviewing submissions and how people managed to get correct answers to even the tougher problems of the contest in one attempt. There are groups on telegram who in the name of discussions are sharing codes during a live contest. Some people even took this to the next level by uploading solutions on YouTube during the contest, This is the solution of the 5th problem of Div2 which was on uploaded on June 13(Contest was live from 5 to 15 June) This is just one of the videos there are many other sources like these where plagiarism has happened. The long challenge seems to be a waste of time because even if you’re doing this contest with honesty, the rankings and hence ratings won’t be fair to you.

It’s very disheartening and unfair at the same time (especially for the beginners) that even after fairly participating in the contest, the results won’t be fair.


Let them do what they choose for themselves. Let us concentrate on getting better. Nobody can do much about this. Also Long Challenge ratings do not have much value because of such reasons(in my opinion). The weird thing is that even you have made all your contest submissions on the last day…

I guess long challenge is a very good platform for learning and definitely not a waste of time. As far as cheating goes, that is not reason enough to abandon long challenge as far as you are learning.

Again same thing why we focus on others ? Focus on your work … if u don’t like long then don’t give simple ? and if u find so easy then solve all questions ( or at least try all ) so that u have no time to say that “yrr long to bekar hai” :slight_smile: Jyada krne ki iccha hai to u can try
atcoder , topcoder , , codeforces , leetcode , hackerrank , hackerearth, eolympic , write articles on gfg or medium and many more :slight_smile: But please ye pagal panti na kro …Long A waste of time :slight_smile:

we already have so many threads with the same topic


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