Codechef Lockout #1

CodeChef Lockout # 1 - Today 7 PM IST

Hey Everyone,
As you may have seen from the banner, Codechef is going to start a new youtube series called CodeChef Lockout. It will be an intense and fast-paced coding competition between two top competitive programmers, incorporating an esports kind of feeling in competitive programming.

The first match in this series will be in 1.5 Hours (Preshow starts at 6:45 PM IST and the contest starts at 7:00 PM IST), which will be between Kshitij Sodani (Handle : kshitij_789), a 6-star coder and International grandmaster, with a silver medal in IOI 21 and another 6-star coder and International master, Gaurav Sultane (Handle : gauravsultane).
This match would be hosted and casted by me and I will try to make it as exciting and enjoyable as I can for all of you :}

Come watch the event here : CodeChef LockOut # 1 | 1v1 Coding Contest - YouTube

The rules are that of a standard lockout, which are

  • The contest will of 60 minutes duration
  • The contest will have five questions with increasing difficulty with scores 101, 202, 304, 408 and 516 respectively.
  • If a player solves a question first, then his opponent CANNOT gain the score for that question.
  • The player with the higher score at the end, or the player to reach a score greater than 800 wins.

enjoyed the match :love_you_gesture:

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Thank you :grin: