Codechef long challenges

i think codechef long challenges is not worthy as i can see a lot of channels on telegram which are selling solutions of ques. that are hard to solve .
beginners like me face difficulty when seeing hard ques. are solved by 500-600 people that too at the end of contest when solutions are sold at peak and our rating goes down like your servers does . :sweat_smile:


It is still very worthy if you solve all problems by yourself :wink: :wink:


No one can stop this. The only solution is to have different long challenge ratings which I think would be implemented soon on codechef.

Simple solution: Don’t participate in the contest, your ratings won’t be affected. You always have the option to upsolve.


Bro, When it comes to showcasing your skills those guys who copy answers from telegram channels will get beaten up heavily. This game is all about thinking to solve problems, whether you solve it or not is your dexterity.


This is pathetic!!

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Nothing can be done about cheaters.

Don’t discuss it here or at least when the contest is live. Now those who didn’t knew about these malpractices would search for them.


Long challenges are great for learning . But due to heavy cheating its kind of demotivating , maybe if Codechef makes these unrated for DIV3 atleast it would be great.

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well if your college has a official college chapter then such people are reported to the chapter president and we all mock/criticize that person a lot after the competition gets over. So most people from my college don’t cheat fearing this :stuck_out_tongue: , and I guess you guys must do the same!