Codechef Lunchtime internal error in system

when submiiting its telling internal error in system with sad smiley


It happen with me too.

So what do you want ?? “To tell internal error with happy smiley”

sir but its very sad for me to see sad smiley

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Codechef was not like this before.

sir please can you tell if the contest will be extended or not

How can I tell ?? Only admins can let you know for the extension

Mine is in queue for last 30 minutes

And I am getting server error for the last 5 submissions :disappointed:

same here in queue for more than 30 minutes


very sad to see the platform on which i started learnig to code in such a condition

Now, you get why they are showing error with sad smiley. They can’t be happy because you are sad and hence they are not using happy smiley

yes it is good to see how nicely you understand everybodies feeling just like codechef

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i am not able to make a submission in last 20 minutes or even before, tired many times.