Codechef memory limit?

Hey there! I am new to codechef, Please help out:
What is the memory limit on codechef?

I am using 2 vectors of 10^5 size in c++, could this be the reason for the following error: RE (SIGSEGV)

Memory limit of a problem is given below the problem statement.

RE(SIGSEGV) means a segmentation fault which is mainly because you are accessing out of the bounds of an array.

For example:

int a[n];
for(int i = 1; i <= n; i++) {
    cin >> a[i];

The above code will give a segmentation fault because we haven’t declared a memory location a[n] and we are calling it. (We have only declared from a[0] to a[n - 1])


Accessing out of the bounds of an array is one reason,
If any number divided or modulo with 0 would also give RE.
Like something that may look syntactically correct but gives error during execution of time,
This will give RE (Run-Time Error).

Run time error is a broad term. There are different types of REs.
In your case SIGSEGV is segmentation fault which as @aryan12 said is most probably because of out of bounds access.
Your example of division by 0 would give you SIGFPE, which is floating point exception.

List of REs

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