Codechef must take some strict actions

Hello, @admin and CC community as we all know every time in long challenge cheating is happening and CC is unable to run MOSS, we don’t know why (maybe some genuine reason but at least you have to remember due to this really bad impact on CC image too), in recent DIv3 many peoples cheat and the sad part is there are many such people who represent Codechef Campus Chapter, I don’t know why CC allow them to represent their Campus chapter, and they get very easily 250 laddus by participating in a contest which one person tells all the question to other.

This is so wrong, CC needs to do something, we know this is a huge task since there are plenty of submissions but u have to find some solution regarding this, at least do MOSS for the short contest.

Since lockdown, there is a sudden increase in cheating and all.

It’s really a request CC, do something, we want the image of CC back.



Codechef college chapters are supposed to introduce the college students to Competitive Programming . If the students representing the college chapter themselves cheat , it would put forth a bad example for the rest of the students.