Codechef needs more unrated contest

Lunch time will be unrated. Lol.


Are you sure ??? :thinking:

What you are saying, is basically that our solution won’t run on ANY test case and will give the verdict after the contest. That is not my point. My point is that suppose we have 40 test cases for a problem, during the contest it will work on 8 to 10 of them and the rest after the contest. Thus there will be a less overload on the server. Please understand my point and then provide a rebuttal for that.

It won’t. When I participate it is rated.

Not sure bro. Was joking. Btw July lunchtime was unrated.

whats the pt of verdit if it can change after contest ?
I completely understood ur pt but u don’t understand why there are multiple test cases
why do u think there are multiple test cases?
coz to cover edge cases
Hence whether u get verdict on some or none of it doesn’t matter coz it can change due to remaining test cases

You will understand where you went wrong and rectify it next time.

Codechef doesn’t have a problem with any edge test case (or it rarely does). Secondly, you will always add edge test cases into the pretests.
For you, lets conduct a poll, on how many people think that there is an edge test case in the pretests.

The question is do you think that edge test cases are inserted in pretests?

  • Yes
  • No

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That happens only when a person applies some wrong algorithm(to be formal). You can always see the editorial and come up with a solution. And also understnad which test case prevented you from getting AC.

As a datapoint, Hackerrank use a similar system to that proposed by @aryan12 for their “Week of Code”, except that the “additional” testcases for a Problem are run every 24 hours after a Problem is revealed (so the penaity for getting AC on the preliminary tests but then later failing some of the “additional” tests is effectively a reduction in the maximum score you can get for that Problem). It seems to work quite well, though is nerve-wracking :slight_smile:

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That’s quite a good solution to be very honest. But the problem lies in between the short contests. But still, the suggestion was quite good. :+1:

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Legends say that “Whenever @l_returns participates in a lunchtime, it is always unrated” :laughing::wink::laughing:

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Ya, so on that basis, div2 will be RATED and div1 will be UNRATED :joy::joy::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl:


You don’t seem to be able to comprehend that the pretests are only there to provide you with a reasonable expectation of the correctness of algorithm. Also Codechef sucks with test cases anyway, edge cases are barely covered so it doesn’t even matter that much.

Verdicts doesn’t matter? Ok, your thinking. If others think it matters and works, then your opinion doesn’t matter in the slightest.

what a childish debate u r doing?
what is the use of extra test cases if all edge cases are covered in pretests ?

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if codechef sucks then why r u here ?
and I never meant that verdict shld not be provided
i was saying that providing verdict on some test cases is meaningless

yeh topic kaha se kaha tak ja raha hai…
betr someone closes this topic right now


yup we shld keep this to the topic
if anyone wants to discuss abt making short contests more efficient then pls create separate thread

Because long challenges provide interesting problems.

Meaningless? Hmm sure, your opinion. Keep it to you. A lot of people on Codeforces think it is not meaningless.

I’ll stop this pointless debate here, your opinion or my opinion doesn’t even matter.

As you say that a “childish debate” is going on,
Let me provide you with an example:

The link I am going to provide you is my solution when I was a beginner.
Question Link
My answer
Hacked test case

The test case is not an edge test case and nor was it in the pretests. It was made by someone who hacked my solution.

So yes, the edge tests are covered, but some tests are there in the system tests in which a code may fail on.

If you still can’t understand, I am sorry “GOD”. I am not a part of this so called “childish debate” any more.

So easy to get away with a small sentence. It was you only who started this.

its was discussion man and this is a discuss forum
u r turning it into debate by saying that someone else use this sys hence we shld hav it without stating any appropriate reason