Codechef needs more unrated contest

Over the past few days, the contest pages seems to be empty.
Except for Long Challenges, Cook-offs and Lunchtime, there hardly seems to be contests for practice.
There was a time, when each and every week had so many contests hosted by colleges in India. But nowadays, we hardly see them.

What happened to the Vibrant Community ?


indian colleges conduct such contests mostly on end of the college year due to fest not from the starting of college year. and although codechef servers and site is really slow in most contests no one want to wait 5 or 6mins for judging. most people move to codeforces they do have more contests .

What happened to the Vibrant Community ?
they’re in codeforces


Yes, Codechef. In order to remove the time for problems to upload, submissions to judge during a contest you can apply these (They are applied in CodeForces too)

  1. Develop other versions. Like Codeforces has desktop and mobile version. Thus, the submissions will more or less be distributed in an equal manner
  2. Check max to max 10 test cases during the contest. Check the others on completion of the Contests. This will highly increase the efficiency of the server and the site and more people will be attracted to it.

I don’t agree with ur 2nd pt
people will be disappointed to see their ACs turn into WA or TLE after contest

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You have a point, but this can also be a way to see. People will be more careful in submitting their problems. They will always double check their answers and then submit it.

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Only bad people do. Good people know to estimate the expected runtime of their code and actually develops correct algorithms to solve problems instead of trash algorithms just to get ACs on the first few tests.

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then you no experience in competitive programming
you cannot estimate everytime
well then according to your logic codechef shld not give feedback during contest at all
let people submit and check after contest

not all questions hav brute force soln
what abt adhoc probs ??
how would anyone know if his code is correct ?
even codechef kept submition limit as 500 and you say to solve it in one go
:smile: pls tell me u r a 7star coder using a fake account

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for that we hav cook off
where u get penalty for every incorrect submission
see u need to understand that there is a purpose for every contest
long contests are meant to become a better coder and to be good at something u need practice

Estimating stuff can be pretty hard, what with weak testcases and all: for example, would an O(N \log_2 N) solution pass ZOMCAV in two seconds? 100 testcases, each of which can be 100’000 integers long. I would have thought “no”, but …


One question though, how do you use LATEX in markdown? I tried by enclosing I both single and double $, but nothing worked.

In the post you quoted, I just did:

$O(N \log_2 N)$

Give that a try! Note that if the LaTeX parser can’t deal with it, then you just get the raw, unformatted text that you typed in.


I agree. Eagerly waiting for your next short contest in September…

Hi @nuttela Rapid Programming Hub of JIIT, Noida is organising a small unated contest on 31 Aug named Codehard which you can see on the contest page. Don’t miss it.
There are codechef laddus for top 5 performers.

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Hello @shivam489
Thanks for the information :blush:

Unfortunately, the contest time is clashing with class times. They should keep it in night hours or on Sunday.

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I mean for short contests. I know that LC of Codechef intends users to learn new techniques. There is never an overload during Long Challenge, and if there is, it is like who cares, it is a 10 DAY Challenge. For short contests time is a major issue. Wrong submissions too, for ACM-ICPC based contests.
I am sorry, but I guess you need to understand the difference between a 10 day long contest and a 3 hour long contest, that too with time being a factor in the rankings.

Hi @gjaisawal108, sorry for that. But this contest was actually intended as a onsite event at our college( which is actually happening) and we then extended it to codechef. And too on saturday night we are already having August lunchtime. To avoid that clash and also conduct our onsite online event this date and time was decided. And well I hope contest is favoured over classes. :smiling_imp:

You can reasonably estimate the runtime of a piece of code except if it’s heuristic, then it’s one of the “trash algorithms” I mentioned

Im not saying no tests are given. A good strategy to test algorithms’ correctness is to use a brute force solution first, so you dont have to waste time coding data structutres, then if no WAs happen start coding the correct algorithm.

10 - 15 tests are reasonable enough for a code to be expected to be correct for general tests. If it failed after either you most likely didnt consider edge cases and more time consuming tests, which is on you.

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I literally said adhoc probs !!
they do not hav brute force soln
you either get AC or WA

Will it be based on data-structures and algorithms(cp), or any random stuff not related to cp ?