Codechef needs to act!

Hi, I am participating in the current ongoing contest Code Aaj Kal and for this problem, I submitted a solution about 5 minutes ago and it is still in Queue. The contest is about to end in few minutes. Will it be fair if I don’t get the points for this problem, if I have solved it correctly? Also has anything like this happened to anyone else recently?

It’s anyways unrated how does it matter?

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I know but the same thing can happen in a rated contest. Just like the recent lunchtime. Is codechef thinking of updating the server? Moreover there is also the satisfaction of getting X rank right?

That’s why they’ve postponed all rated contests to fix these issues

True. The contest just ended and I got 71 rank whereas I could’ve gotten within 48 but no worries…

Never mind I also got a penalty because constraints of the problem were wrong intiaily before I pointed it out, I hope they’ll fix all these issues and come back better soon enough

You came 2nd. Don’t compare, I feel bad…
Anyways I noticed that everyone who submitted code for this particular problem still has the verdict undetermined. I think it’s some bug…

No it’s just the usual queue, this problem has greater traffic since it’s one of the easiest in the problemset

Yeah true…this one is easy that is why it hurts to not get AC on it…

If your solution is correct then it will be considered for ranklist evaluation, don’t worry

Oh really, didn’t read your comment. I think you edited it but nvm.
Ok I don’t feel bad anymore…

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Yeah that’s true, they’re working for fixing it (hopefully :grimacing:)

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This once happened to me in long contest and it took 1-2 days to resolve.
Don’t worry about rankings in unrated contests, consider them as fun and practice

If you are more into fair ratings and rankings then you should look for codeforces rounds, you can use codechef as a learning and practicing platform, the DSA learing and other series here are nice.

How codechef is checking the solutions:

#define REVOLVING 10!0020//some weird graphics code.
    pair<int, int> solution_pixel = make_pair(12, 22);//some values i don't actually know    
    if(direction(user.eyes) == slope(eyes, solution_pixel))
        display(REVOLVING);//i.e. verdict not determined.
         display(TLE);//even if code is right!
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Well you were correct it has to be a bug,
CodeChef: We bring Memes to reality :joy:


13 hours and still determining verdict! What is happening??

The organizer seems to have modified some data during the contest and given a wrong setting. They’ll look into it.

Oh I see… Thank you for explaining @admin