Codechef needs to fix their broken Judge!

So I was doing THOUSES Problem - CodeChef question and even though my approach was correct and exactly matched with editorial, I was getting Runtime Error (SIGSEGV) on test case 3. Having recently known that declaring global array can fix this issue, I tried it still got RE. I even copy pasted Tester’s solution and still getting same RE on tc 3. Even copy pasted some solutions in comment section of the editorial (which claimed that they worked earlier, even then they are showing RE now)! I always faced one or another issue with codechef compiler, while such things never happened in Codeforces, which gave me yet another reason that Codeforces is better than Codechef.

My solution: CodeChef: Practical coding for everyone

A solution found in comment section which worked earlier: CodeChef: Practical coding for everyone

The same code (copy pasted) now giving Runtime Error:

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Quite Unusual!

Though it could also be a case of a modified test which breaks the code, would be good if an experienced comments on it.

I already reported the same issue a few days ago on the same test, also copied some other solution which worked. The problem is that somebody solved it on 24th of July, yet my code failed on 23rd of July so I suspect it’s not a problem with compiler. Try to send the latest solution and let me know the outcome please (I’ve tried submitting my problem 20+ times with no success so I’m sick of it :cry:).

But it has to be a problem from codechef’s side because as u can see from link, a prev solution which was working earlier now gives Runtime!