Codechef plagiarism issue for ICPC

I am unable to understand @admin, Our team MegaByte rank 1018 ,why they said our team got considered in plagiarism for ICPC Amritapuri team .How many of others have same problem?
Even team more than rank 2500 are getting selected, but we aren’t.CC should atleast mail us about it, where our code is getting matched to another.

Are you sure about this?
“Even team more than rank 2500 are getting selected”
My friend got around 1900+ but not selected.

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Yes, A team named strangex has rank 2766 but has name in the list, second or third name from very last. But We didn’t. And what is the reason, neither RCD Amritapuri nor codechef mailed us. When I asked, They said, our team has debarred because of plagiarism .

That team is not showing in the list now.(Perhaps they removed them now :stuck_out_tongue:).

Yaa! It’s strange, but still team greater than 1500 is there, atleast many teams greater than our rank is there, we should be there. This ain’t good.
BTW I shouldn’t take the name of that team publicly.I was just asking for adding us also.Because many team has been added after first announcement

Actually your rank doesnt matter really
for those who are in top 80 they get selected for sure.
but those who are next to 80 will be selected on unique basis.
From my college two teams participated one got 1100 and other got 1208.
the one with 1100 only got selected whereas another college’s team from my district got selected even though they had 1500+ rank.

CodeChef has nothing to do with selection, getting rejected doesnt alone depend on CodeChef Moss.

I would strongly recommend u to go through ICPC Amirtapuri regionals selection procedure. please go through team invite details.


@ankitstudy88 The sameproblem with us bro . I don’t even know whats going on ! Some random teams are getting selected and some teams are getting rejected . Its like they are doing lucky draw on selected teams . At first , my team name was there in the list and then it got removed ; reason because my team got plagiarised it seems . We didn’t even copied the code . There are many teams that are suffering with this problem . If we got plagiaried then we would not have been in the ranklist from the beginning right !!

@vaishnav @harish_49 Yes! they should atleast say , to whom and where our code is matching,so that even we can justify them with a valid reason.Because codechef @admin didn’t notified us while publishing public list.We are just shocked to see that our name is not in selection list.

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Yes , @admin please send us a mail that we got plagiarised due to a specific problem . We will be very happy even if we didn’t get selected but please justify your decision .

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As stated earlier, we are not authorized to help with any of these. Everything will have to be through the RCDs. So please email the RCDs.

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Man this is so true. With rank of 591, our team didn’t get selected. The excuse is we cheated. wow.
The entire concept of cheating is kind of invalid in short contests. Moreover this is ICPC. Life sucks!


Yes dude the same problem we’re going through. Our team with rank 561 and rank 554 in the later updated ranklist. Still helpless :frowning:


Sorry man… No other team should experience this. Lets hope for the next year​:heart::heart::heart:

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Do you have updated rank list?

@ankitstudy88 were there any other tem from your institution with better rank?
because if yes then tem invite could be reason for not selecting you.

@ankitstudy88 also you should have solved 3 problems atleast or solved 2 problems quickly with minimal penalty.
Also CODECHEF admins have no hands in rejecting a team.
CODECHEF MOSS detects plagiarism (which is true and works really great). Selection of a team via team invite policy is in the hands of regional site directors and they select the teams for onsite contest on the basis of team invite policy.