CodeChef Plagiarism Using AI

Hey CodeChef Community,

Meet This Guy CodeChef ID: sahild2003

He is Sahil Dahake. Recently he was banned from LeetCode Contest for plagiarism (the same method that he uses here on CodeChef).

This Guys upsolves and does general practice in C++, however during contests he uses C#, PHP, Kotlin, Java, Python and mind you every problem he solves in the contest is in different language.

LeetCode Staff identified this same unusual activity and he was found guilty for plagiarism and using AI for code translations from one language to other.

In the recent contest he participated in, he solved first three problems within 1 minute at 8:27PM and all of them in different languages.

@CodeChef please look into the matter. It is very discouraging to see cheaters reach 5 star ratings while some honest participants are still stuck on some ratings.
Thank You.