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Can anybody become a problem setter in Codechef?In codeforces you must have atleast 1700 rating to make a contest or problem.In codechef it doesn’t seem to me that anything is required at all to be a problem setter.Many newbie coders or 2* coders are becoming problem setter which results in disgusting problems and horrible statements.Even their problem statements are often completely wrong and their checker codes too.Why codechef allows this kind of contests to be hosted in their platform?Don’t they have any co-ordinator or some person who reviews the contest? It’s okay to have those contests in some platform like codeforces gym.But when this kind of contests come in the contest list and somehow you participate in them it automatically generates a hatred against this community.Please codechef,always go for quality not quantity.

some days ago I participated in a contest named beginner challenges.
And today there was a contest named Any body can code.Both of them have bad statements,wrong checker.

If you cannot do anything ,atleast reveal the setter’s id so that many will be aware of those horrible contests.


Could not agree more!

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quite agree with you. I have faced the same problems in some contest as the statements seemed quite poor and i left the contest without solving.

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I think it would be too harsh on Codechef if you will expect them to view each question uploaded on Codechef as it also contains huge no. Of unrated contests . This question is of unrated contests , there is a reason why it is unrated , If it happens with a rated contest then I think it is a big issue.
P.S.: A previous answer written by me on another post

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A lot of people also participate in those unrated contests and I think such bad statements are creating a bad image.

Agreed !
That’s the difference between cc & cf. Don’t expect such fancy things on cc. Just deal with it & grow.

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Contests which are external can be set by anybody. For rated contests, problems are verified in 2-3 rounds before putting it in front of you.
I don’t know much about codeforces but I have heard from people that anybody can set a contest there too. I have also set some contests on hackerrank being unrated there.
Like dhruv788 said, it isn’t easy to check all the problems uploaded and verify their statements, test data etc.
One thing I agree with you is not showing all the contests in the list plus maybe having a ‘report abuse’ button for each problem?