Codechef Programming Summer Camp

Is codechef summer camp beneficial for students who are in class 11th or 12th and already have some grasp on basic data structures and algorithms?

I have already looked at the curriculum but still in doubt.

Yup, indeed persons benifitting the most out of it would be 11th, 12th students who want to pursue Engineering, and have interest in programming, and who don’t have any previous knowledge of the contents of the workshop.

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If you already have some grasp of Data structures and algorithms, then this camp is not for you. It is majorly for the students who want to get started with programming.


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@thesmartguy don’t go by the rating of techie_pals. She is the one who is the highest point of contact for this workshop. If she is saying that it is not for those who already have some grasp of Data structures and algorithms. Then that’s correct.

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thanks got it :slight_smile: