Codechef Ranking

Yesterday i had participated in a short interval competition in which i did 1 question but still by rank is not available as well as rating is 0.Below is written a message:‘Oops!! We didn’t find any country code for you.’

Dude it will take time, when the result is declared then it is shown in your account, This thing also happened with me when i am new to codechef and i was getting frustrated after solving 5 practice problem and still my rank is 0 and it showing like ‘Oops!! We didn’t find any country code for you.’ and then i started taking participation in long contest and then my rank is now visible, getting very very happy at that moment!!


CodeChef ranks and ratings only make sense for the contests organized “BY” CodeChef.
These only include CodeChef Long Challenges, and short challenges like Cook-Offs and LunchTimes.
If you participate in any of these three contests, only then your rating is going to change. Otherwise for all the other contests organized by various organizations/universities on CodeChef, the ratings are unaffected.

So next time you want your rating to go up, better participate in one of these three contests. :slight_smile:

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