CodeChef rating graph

You can see my graph by clicking on my profile directly! I have given 2 Code chef’s long challenges as of now( June and July). In June I secured something around 19 k th rank whereas in July, I have secured 9 k th rank but still I am pretty surprised that my graph is inclined downwards!!! My graph rating is 1452(-48) [June] to now 1432(-20)[July]. Now I need someone to brief me on what 1452 and 1432 is?, -48 and -20 is?
This might be a common question of all 1star and 2star candidates.

Your delta (Change in rating) depends on lot of factors not just rank. Your performance with respect to others is what matters most. Click here to know more

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Like percentile for that matter?

yupp…percentile along with initial rating