Codechef rating predictor button

Hi there,

I have made a script to add a button on contest page(Long challenge, Cook off and Lunchtime) which redirects to Codechef rating predictor for given contest. I made this script because I didn’t like to copy and paste the long URL just to check my rating prediction.


  1. Install Greasemonkey(Firefox) or Tampermonkey(Chrome).
  2. Copy and paste this to your Greasemonkey/Tampermonkey scripts.

Goto any contest page to see the effect.

alt text


nothing happened!

The script is enabled but i see no change.

Just shows “Not Found”.

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Try refreshing the page -

This happens sometimes when page is loaded late.

yes it worked. Does it work during an ongoing contest ?

Same here. Any working rating predictor? @vijju123

404: Not Found

Rating predictor was killed by admin’s after they stopped support for APIs and added “Hold right there sparky” for those who try to scrap ranklist.