I have created a Codechef Rating Predictor with UI and options to filter it by Institution and Country and Username.

Simply go to and find the list of running contests to choose from.

Also, you can open it directly from the Codechef Ranking page. Simply replace with

For Example : If contest Link is :

Then Predicted Ratings are present at :

Kindly let me know if there are any bugs.

**Github Link :**

Hope you like it.


Happy Coding :slight_smile:


Nice work bro.


@shraeyas ,

Good Work.
One more feature request -
Allow search using username this will also be more helpful.

One more thing is also rating predictor for same purpose.
What I am seeing is both have large deviation in their prediction.

You can refer here -

Because what I have seen In all the contest which I have participated is my rating prediction on this were 100% accurate. So, this link may be helpful If in your algorithm some parameter is missing to calculate ratings predictions.

Keep up the good work.

Happy Coding :slight_smile:

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Your rating predictor is not predicting the ratings of the users who participated in the contest but not scored any point.

This may be so because contest ranks page does not show the rankings of the users who scored 0 points.


I think there is a bug in this predictor, because ratings for April18A has already been updated and it is not the same as your “New Rating” field. In fact, mine is same as yours “Rating” field.

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actually its showing the ratings of the candidates who solved problems till 2:00 hours and not till the last minute.
according to ur predicator his ranks is == Loading...
ranklist after contest ==CodeChef: Practical coding for everyone
but still +rep.

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Thank You.

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Thanks. Regarding the rating deviation, I am already working on it.

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Added option to filter by username

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It’s down right now.


@akashbhalotia it’s up now.

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That’s not a bug. I was testing out something which eventually updated the database.

Yep. I am on it. Should be done in a few days.

The website servers were down due to excess traffic and that is why it did not update. I will be migrating the servers soon.


Is this still online? Isn’t working for me

Its not working :frowning:

Its not working for me too. why?

Bro its not working ; pls fix it

You can get the code from github and probably deploy on some website. Mine stopped working because I guess my IP got blacklisted by codechef maybe for making too many requests. I will probably try uploading it on some other site and maybe reduce the total no of requests that I was making on codechef.

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