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How can I increase my rating. I have participated in rating contest multiple times (27 contests). and solved around 120 problems only on Codechef. Earlier I was on 2 star, but due to some important work I left a contest in mid, then they rated me with 1 star. I have given multiple contest I want to know am I doing something wrong because around 3 months have been done and I am still on 1 star.

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I am in the same boat as you. New to cp, but I probably have a much deeper programming background. From my research…

high ranks advice the following mentality:

  • don’t burn yourself out
  • practice in a challenging but fun/motivating way
  • value learning essential topics over everything else (those essential to your rating)
  • essential topics for you (low 2* rating) can be found here: Jump from 2 to 3 stars | CodeChef
  • optional topics, like game theory, can be learned or skipped. Only learn it if it is fun for you
  • solve random problems around and above your rating
  • upsolve previous contests
  • try to improve your skill rather than your rating and don’t get discouraged by short-term fluctuations. Skill changes take month to be seen in your rating-graph
  • roadmaps don’t work because they are not personalized. But feel free to use them to build your own plan.
  • Mix stuff up and make sure you don’t force yourself into doing stuff you hate
  • don’t learn useless algorithms. Rather go solve random problems

Material for self-learning - Guided:

Material for self-learning - Mashup lists:

Note: codeforces EDU section is in my opinion essential to truly learn binary search.

Note: c2-ladders vs a2oj. A2oj is older. In the past codeforces was more heavily algorithm-focused, meaning A2oj is a learning source which gives you problems more focused on certain topic. c2-ladders will give your problems whose solutions are more ad-hoc based. I would value c2-ladders higher.

Note: there are more sources but those mentioned above are those I plan on using. Partly because they fit me but especially because I think they are extremely awesome.