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Is there anything like codechef rating would be updated only after all the rated contest at the end of the month? It’s just a doubt.

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No, but generally long challenge ratings get a bit late. AFAIK they try to update ratings as soon as possible.

Also, if I remember correctly, they sometimes update cook-offs rating first if the work (eg- Plagirism checking) gets over before Long Contest’s.

Codechef doesn’t mention about this issue at any of the blog. That means it’s only depend upon the team of codechef. We can’t do anything except wait. Just have a patience and enjoy flavours of other questions.

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Yesterday Anup Kalbalia from the Codechef team wrote:

"We have found a bug in the recent rating changes that we did. While the bug is small, it will have quite a big impact on the rating distribution, due to which we are taking some time to fix the bug and carefully update the ratings and also re-assign the distribution.

It will take us a few days to update all ratings. Please bear with us untl then."

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was this march lunchtime unrated?

Please update the rating of March long challenge.

You should post this type of questions with admin markdown.


Can you tell me the Source?

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@bansal1232 Sure, should have posted it anyway. Source:

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“they sometimes update cook-offs rating first”

I don’t think this is possible with new rating system. The ratings has to be computed sequentially in order of contests to compute overall codechef rating.

It might have been done in previous rating system when ratings were different for each contest type.

Individual contest ratings can be updated, and rating of all contests can be updated at the end of month, I think it is possible… :\

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I have seen Cook-offs getting updated first sometimes (when Long ratings got delayed). Since this times cook-off was declared unrated, I would wait and watch how things go before commenting/discussing further. Thanks for your views, will help me in observation. :slight_smile:

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–>please upvote me as i am a beginner in codechef and i want to ask some questions…
–>how do we get to know whether a contest is rated or not?


If you wanna ask then you have to prove yourself by helping other community members. Just try to write answers of any unanswered questions after that you will get up-vote according to your explanation.