Codechef server error

unable to connect in codechef servers! in september lunchtime 2020
What to do now?


same bruh…I solved 3 ques this time :frowning:

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Yes, it’s happening with me too! can anyone help?

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I got same prob man… idk wats wrong

i thinks its codehef servers issue

its workin’ now!

Same issue

This would just be on the IDE while running. You can always Submit - that hasn’t been facing any issues.

Validation error, please try again. If this error persists, please contact the site administrator.
Getting this error while trying to switch to non-ide mode.

I hope Codechef will make this contest unrated!

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Codechef should hire some good developers first since it is under Unacademy , im sure they can afford this.

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unable to submit solution

last 1 hour

yes I’m also unable to submit my question

Good contest ruined

tommorow codechef be like
good deveolepers needed, please approach asap.

Even the problems are not loading and the submission queue is getting hanged. What should I do?