CodeChef short contests timings are changing

All our rated short contests, including Cook-Off, LunchTime, and Starters will now start at 20:00 HRS IST (+5:30 GMT) / 8:00 PM IST, on their usual days of the month. The contest durations are unchanged.

We have reached this conclusion after an extensive survey, and we hope the uniformity in the starting times help you plan your days easily.

PS: Long Challenge timings will remain as it is.


Why doesn’t the challenges happen in afternoon or evenings, rather than nights till 12am. It hurts sleep


They are targeting global audience too.

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Nice finally I can give cook off. Earlier I was not able to give cook of due to its peculiar start time.


Thanks a lot!!

It’s a request guys. Do increase the number of rated contest for Div1 participants.

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They are targetting global audience so that the whole world audience do the contest at a universal comfortable time

Because most student has their jobs and college in the daytime that’s why CodeChef conduct contest at night. Which is the best time for students to relax from their other work and proceed with their coding.


No use of contests on this platform. All solutions of live contests come up on youtube or some website. Idk why it happens only on codechef.

Please increase the number of contests for div2. And hire some mods whose only work will be to detect groups on youtube/telegram that spread solutions and also do some plagiarism check.