CodeChef Should Atleast Reply/Revert back to the problem idea sent to them

It’s been almost a year since I’ve joined the CodeChef community and I really love the platform. But since I became a 4* + coder, I’ve always keen in setting questions and giving good ideas about questions. Lately, due to a bit of practice and experience, I’ve got some good ideas on problems involving some good algorithms and other tricks. So, I’ve tried submitting some ideas on CodeChef, but only my first idea received a reply(Idea was also not that good as it was my first). None of my other Ideas got any replies (even not denials). I know the admins might be busy and they have a lot to work on. But Still, a reply/Revert would be heartily appreciated by all of us who keep thinking of questions and ideas. Also, I’ve seen CodeChef repeat setters rather than giving chance to freshers which seems logical(* They have more experience *) but they should try more of fresh setters and motivate them.

Because sometimes, you really feel that your idea is good, but get no reply and it demotivates us or upsets us.

I know CodeChef is a great platform and it’ll surely figure out how to tackle these kinds of issues and hope they’d revert back to me .@admin @alei @vijju123_adm


My one friend how is 4 star coder also faced such problem, but he isn’t active these days so not sure about Today’s times.

If you didn’t get a reply, it means it is still not reviewed.

Sometimes we miss some proposals, if you don’t get a response after a long time, you should ask for a follow up.


Ok, I didn’t know about this.