CODECHEF should conduct more 2-3 hours contests

Codechef should conduct more contests than the limited contests : long challenge, cookoff, lunch time & starters. Codechef contests are interesting but they will die sooner if more contests aren’t added.


More div1-2 contests*


A good programmer never duplicates things. There are already a bunch of topics talking about the same.


Very easy to say. If you know how much effort goes into making a contest, maybe you wouldn’t be saying this.


Let’s put Div1 aside. We’ve obviously got enough problems to conduct 4 Div3 rounds each month (one having 10 problems). This is in total at least 28 problems a month, sometimes even more. So there are enough people who propose easy or easy-medium problems.

The difference between Div2 and Div3 is not that big on CodeChef. We can take 2 if not 3 problems from Div3 and only need 2 or 3 problems more to complete a Div2 set. So we need an easy-medium and two medium problems. If asking for 3 high quality problems per month is too much, then I guess the platform is bound to die.


well, your view @nichke isn’t bad. It does explains things for practice. But instead of only conducting 4 div 3 rounds, it can be rated for both div 2&3 with easy-med problems as you said. And yeah, 2-3 hrs contests are way better.

That’s why I said so about conducting more contests (especially 2-3 hrs duration contests) and for some people (like @zappelectro instead of discussing a solution cause this is a discussion platform not a accusing one) instead of discussing we end up accusing.

But yeah, more 2-3 hrs duration are required to keep this coding platform active. Only cookoff, lunchtime seems kinda very less contests.

The admins should introduce more contests to kick off the boredom in this platform. Come on, have a look at Codeforces, check there number of 2-2.30 hrs contests per month. Anyone will have an idea from that.

CodeForces has many more people proposing contests and problems, so there are even people who are awaiting a coordinator to make their round happen for 6+ months. On CodeChef I can’t really judge, but it’s not exactly the same situation and we can’t expect to match that number of problems.

As for 2-3 hour contests being better and more interesting, it’s a personal preference. I didn’t want to take part in Long Challenges because I felt like if I’m able to take 7 days to solve a problem, it wouldn’t help me with OI style contests which is my ultimate goal. So I believe this has more to do with the type of person you are. You’ll always see the more competitive people taking part in short contests because at the end of the day that’s the format of most onsite competitions which we prepare for here. But there are still casuals out there who like short contests, or those who have ended their high-school or college career and don’t really have the pressure to prepare for short contests so they can dedicate their time to the Long challenges.

To conclude, there’s no need to get rid of the Long (unless it stays rated only for Div3, then I see no point in its existence, we’d benefit more from the problems being distributed to the easier end of Div2 and Div1). But yes, we could easily see the numbers pump up by at least 2 contests for Div2 every month, which would make it a contest per week which is not too bad. 2 contests for Div1 is the standard even on CodeForces, so I can’t complain about that.


Yes, per month 2 contests for Div 2 (apart from cookoff and lunchtime which is scheduled only at the month’s end) and Div 1 would be great.

The main point I want to focus on is that @codechef_admin should make codechef more active than its biasedness for Div 3 raters. Add something rated for Div 2&1 also cause that is what will keep this coding website active.

It would be great if there are per week rated 2 hours contests but who listens to us!!!

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Long challenges for DIV 1 and DIV 2 participants are off now…we are getting only two contest (LunchTime and Cook-Off) in a month…can we get another short contest untill the long challenge starts again…???

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@bads yes, I am talking about that subject to increase more 2-3 hours contest (only lunchtime and cookoff is kinda limited, too limited). And yes, short term contests are way more fun, majority coders will agree with this.

Why code chef doesn’t organize 2 or 3 rated contests every week like cook-off or lunch time?

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Why don’t YOU start setting problems for 2-3 contests a week ?

20 problems a week, big deal?!

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Currently, I didn’t reach that level such that I am able to make a good level problem.

Then it’s unfair to make such a demand, just so you know, a lot of work goes into problem setting.

Just give 2-3 virtual contests per week :wink:

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Hey guys, @zappelectro & @ankit8969 we are not fighting here. We are just discussing. Please don’t elevate this to a war of words.

Yes, @zappelectro I understand your statement that

but don’t you think that this is why this programming platform has been opened in the first place?? To organise contests (better to be per week rather than per month).

And @ankit8969

Are you sure brother codechef organises 2/3 rated contests EVERY WEEK?

FYI: Cook off & Lunch Time is a per month rated contest.


why codechef is not conducting more short contests of 2-3 hours.there are only two contests(3* or above) per month?

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For last 4-5 years people are asking the same question.

Yes, brothers @shivam565 & @merc_01 , we all are asking the same question. But Codechef doesn’t care about what the programmers want, they are going to continue there “2-3 short contests” and silly “Month Long Challenge” which is rated only for starters. I don’t even know whether they regularly check codechef discussion platform or not.

I don’t know why they aren’t doing something to keep this platform alive. Codeforces has long surpassed Codechef. And Codechef cares the least to do something to overtake codeforces.

And Codechef is way more inclined on Div 3 coders to increase their rating. Meanwhile the div 2 & div 1 coders only depends on two merciful coding contests (Cookoff and Lunchtime) arranged by Codechef.

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I don’t know What’s going on But there are 3 Starters in August only rated for Div-3. Well Codechef, Are you not planning anything for the Div-2 rated contest? Div1 and Div2 only have 2 rated contests in a month while Div-3 has 6 which is not fair. We need more for Div-1 and 2.


@kutharmayank yes bro, well said and correctly indicated.