Codechef should copy a few things from codeforces!

Codechef needs to improve this site. It’s long overdue. Every time there is a timed contest like cookoff or lunchtime, it’s almost guaranteed that I won’t be able to load the problems for the first 5-10 minutes. I assume that the contest begins 10 minutes late.
You should see how codeforces and atcoder handle the load during a contest. You should try making lite versions of the site like they do when codeforces holds a contest.
It happens evertime and I can bet that it will happen next month. or whenever you’ll organise the next contest.
Please just make improvements to your site because it’s very irritating to see that I can’t submit after I solved the problem.


Participation will be definitely huge in upcoming months, if codechef can’t improve it’s performance, Many users will stop participating

I doubt that as next is long challenge and afterwards situation will be normal again hopefully.

well i guess no one is going to leave codechef because getting stars on this site is highly satisfying

2nd thing load was too much because of the global situation and no one was expecting this

3rdly long challenges are soul of codechef and they are not going to be affected anytime soon

however codechef should do something about it

but anyways i love this platform more than any i know