Codechef Should Have Black Theme

White background and screen hits our eyes it would be better if it has switch option between dark and light theme, developers should look at this.


This forum already has it.
Regarding dark theme on, they have much more important UI upgrades(if not a complete overhaul) to make before coming to this inclusion of this theme preference.


How to enable it, where is this option?

you misunderstood he asked about the codechef site not about the forum

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Click on your profile picture, click settings, goto interface, look out for dark theme

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theres black theme in this forum, not in the actual site and yes devs never care about your needs here . this is codechef

Lol. Partly true. Not a single suggestion of mine has been implemented :frowning:

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WoW! The dark theme looks dope.

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As a quick fix for reading the problem statements in code chef, you can modify the html code to set up a darker background or a different text color.

open chrome->type chrome://flags->search for “dark”->Force dark mode for Web Contents->select “Enabled with selective inversion of non image elements”

Enjoy :slight_smile:


use this extension


hey man you should use the Dark Reader extension available for Chrome, Edge , Safari and FIrefox. It works fine and plus it is free.


Looks pretty dope! Wow!

Brother, I was looking for this.It’s so awesome!!
Thank you so much!

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@zephxr @rakeshpandit


I use this too, for the times I code at night :smiley: