Codechef snackdown plagiarism

How is codechef monitoring all the plagiarism that is going on in snackdown?Codes are being shared on telegram in a flash and the hard working ones will keep thinking over the questions and these cheaters will easily flee away.I have mailed codechef but with no reply.Pls look into this


Take this as practise round as most of cheaters already qualified in round 1A you will get fair chance in round 1B and there is no such thing like plagiarism testing or cheching in codechef .


Why is your solution of equal beauty matching with more than 60 percent submission…Is it a coincidence?

check them out

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They are copied from same source mostly.

Your own 4th soln seems fishy wonder why same variables like those of copied ones hmmm…

The ones WHO ARE Saying that we will get a fair chance in ROUND B, what about further rounds.


No post author’s

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On 29 I guess round 1B is there

I mean to say that cheaters will be there also

In my opinion:
In further rounds, like in the Pre Elimination and Elimination round, the time window will be of 3 hours and 5 hours respectively then the solution, even if leaked won’t reach a large number of people. In long contests like this, it is easy to make videos and leak the solution but in short contests, the one who leaks the code will be busy solving the problems. Hence, won’t be able to leak solutions.

Also, I think the code is leaked only when the author himself/ herself is sure that she/ he will qualify. Since from Pre Elimination Round onwards, it will be sure that only Top 500 participants will be selected, the one who leaks the solution might not leak the code.


How can I say this if it’s same or not…If I would have cheated then I wouldn’t have have posted anything here…My rank came down in a flash in the last two hours.That’s why I posted here…If cheating was the way,then I would have submitted all 6 questions…Look at the submission time of my last question…I had a lot of time after that