CodeChef Starters 40 Bad Gateway Error

My internet is working fine, and all web pages other than the contest page are loading properly. But the contest page gives ‘502 Bad Gateway Error’. is this so for everyone or just me? the contest was supposed to start at 8:00 PM, but it’s already 8:05 PM.


Yes website not working

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contest link

If Cf would have been at 8 pm this would not have happened


Yes, it’s not working for me also @admin sometime it’s showing Bad gateway, sometimes an Internal server error

yes i got that one too this time, 503 server error

Now, what to do, how to give the contest?

Sorry about the issue. We’ve still not been able to fix it fully. So we’ll postpone the contest to tomorrow, same time.


okay, thank you for letting us know @admin

Thanks @admin for letting us know

@admin why is it showing it will start in 20 min you say it is postpone

Starting in 20 mins everyone, go to contest page (link above)

I just checked the site, it’s working now. Hope everyone who wanted to participate is still able to and doesn’t miss it

ok i am confused, ig it’s a bug and it’s actually tomorrow since admin said so, but I will just wait 20 minutes and find out

anyways, there’s a contest on CodeForces today at 23:05 as well. Contests - Codeforces

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classic ddosed?

you are saying that contest will be tomorrow at same time , but it is showing contest starts in 26 minutes .
can you please clarify about contest , whether it’s happening today or not.
Thankyou in advance.

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let’s just wait and see in the next 12 minutes. However, I believe it’s a bug, because it shows 23 hours 12 minutes on the main contest page (where all four divisions are shown)

@admin in case it’s tomorrow, please edit the contest details given on the contest page

Guys, I’m pretty sure it’s tomorrow only. they have edited the compete page, it shows 26th May now. it will start in 23 hours now

I think cf should stop giving LinkedIn subscription kind of premium perks in regular contests. This encourages people to come to the platform to compete for these perks but the sad part is, most of them are here for today and may never come back, Also they WILL cheat eventually as they are here for the perk.

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which perks are you talking about?