January CodeChef Starters 2021 (Rated for Division 3) Coding Competition | CodeChef

  1. Will a separate ranklist be enabled for Non Div-3 users?
  2. Is it another CodeChef regular contest or a one-timer ?
  3. Why is it not on the compete page?

From where did you got the link ? @admin answers please :slight_smile:

For your 2nd question, I guess its a new Codechef Regular contest, as its written on the bottom right side of the poster

A Monthly Programming Contest for Beginners

So yaa, maybe this one is a new regular monthly contest by codechef.
Regarding your other two questions, even I am curious to know, if someone has any information regarding that, please do respond.


Ah… my bad, should’ve checked the right half of the banner as well, thanks bud.

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