Codechef The Movie: The Long Challenge

Hey guys, inspired by codeforces the movie,I made a Short funny Movie on codechef on the Long Challenge.
Check it out here.
Hope you like it.
Do let me know what you think!
Edit:Thank you for so much love! (although I got a fair amount of dislikes as well :stuck_out_tongue: )
Never thought it would be so relatable in May Long XD


Also a lot of efforts went into this please don’t dislike without watching :slight_smile:

@ashk_21 nice movie bro. But the guy who takes the photo should have been more calm , something like he walks in and just as he is calling aaaaasshhhi stops and sees the laptop and then a cunning smile , this would have made it more funny. :grin:

Thanks…my Dad did the shooting xD.
And noted…I will try that next time :slight_smile: