Codechef Virtual Contest

Application Name : Virtualizer

Team Name : sd_1998

Team members : Heramb Patil and Jugal Rawlani

Description : Virtualizer allows users to run past Codechef contests in an environment that imitates a real competition. Features like real time Successful submissions help user to identify the difficulty of questions. Virtualizer also provides user with their overall global, country and organization rank and many more features.

We have also included an option to create Custom Contest which would consist of questions of various difficulty by analyzing the type of questions attempted by an user.
We have currently included all the past LTIME and COOKOFF contest. We will be extending this feature to include past ICPC regional contests.

This is our first web app made in django made with the intention that will help users learn and grow.
So spread the word and keep coding :slight_smile:

Web App Link : Link

Video Link : Link

Presentation Link : Link

Nice work there. Virtual contests are always great, I loved them on Codeforces. The site is very well built, only the rendering of the problems is not good, the markdown is not properly rendered. Also the example input and example output are manually styled (I think) which I don’t think is any good idea. In some problems the example input/output is going out of the page width. So much improvement is needed on that side. Anything else is great :slight_smile:

Nice work there, just one question. How did you guys get the partial marks for LTIME contests?