CodeChef : Virtual Contests are here !!!

Hi @all, We developed a webapp during Alibaba-Codechef API Hackathon, and we would like to present it to you.

This app lets you play Codechef contests in a Virtual manner, those who have played virtual contests on Codeforces would be aware about it.

The app link is -

Shamelessly copying description of Virtual Contest from Codeforces -

"Virtual Contests enable the users to run the past contests in a special mode that would imitate a real competition. It feels just like a real contest with real contestants competing alongside with the participant who plays a virtual contest.”

It will be very helpful for preparation of short contests.
Few of the features are :

  • You can add Friends and see their separate ranklist during live virtual contest.
  • Several people can play virtual contest together and see each others ranking.
  • All COOKOFF’s starting from COOK01 to recent COOK98A/B are available to play as virtual contest.
  • You can compare yourself with other people while virtual contest is in play.

Video Tutorial to Use WebApp : Video link (Just a short 12 min video, you can watch at 1.5x :P)

Slides for better understanding of App: Slides(We both are very poor in making slides, we apologize beforehand _/\_)

Note : Judgement result takes a while to reflect in standings as Codechef restricts no. of API requests in a min.(6 calls/min), just refresh the page in a while.

Hope this helps our community grow!!

Signing off !!

This was our first such project at this scale, bugs are inevitable, if you find any, please raise them here - Github Link


How to start virtual contest for LTIME contests? here only COOKOFF is allowed :expressionless:

Besides, virtual contest for online ACM ICPC round would be a great help to everyone.

BTW it’s awesome stuff. Participated in COOK97A virtual contest through your API


great work fellas keep it up : )


Well, that is something CodeChef really needed to implement. Great job guys.

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Great job!! I noticed the typesetting is not working on your page so I’m getting words like

i$ or $4\cdot10^5$, see if you can set it correctly. Otherwise, fabulous work!
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I really wished for virtual contests to start on codechef, god bless you guys. I’ll see if I can be of any help in contributing to improvement of API :slight_smile:

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It will be great if codechef will consider your work and add it to their website


Really a great idea…

Some suggestions for you !!

1)Also a green tick and a wrong tick for attempted correct and incorrect submissions will be more helpful…
2)It would be better if we can see stars of users in the given rank list…
3) Also filter option in rank list

I would like to appreciate compare progress function…

Also friends standings option…

All over its very good and helpful…


  1. my name is appearing twice in the rank list.

Very good project ,I wished that there existed a similar platform on codechef for virtual contests like codeforces few months back,and you guys made it into a reality,Keep it going.


Tried and loved it Great job Guys !!

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Great work…Would be even better if it could be extended to other contests!

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Great work indeed! keep it up :slight_smile:

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Great going guys. Keep up the good deed for the community. :slight_smile:

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Great Work!!

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Hats off to you guys! It must have taken a lot of effort to build.


@hasan356 Great job buddies !!! Are you guys aware of Hactoberfest on Github? Its an initiative taken to make beginners contribute to the open source. Maybe you can post known issues or enhancements that you need in this project and tag that issue with “hactoberfest” and others will try to contribute to it.

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The link is not working for me , does anyone else face this issue ?

Try to make it using https instead of http because atleast our college blocks http post requests.


Thank, we appreciate your effort in trying out our app.

Yes, currently, we only support COOKOFF for now, But this can be easily scaled to any contest in Codechef.

Due to API Limit it took a lot of time to fetch data. That’s why we restricted ourselves to COOKOFF’s.

Again Thanks a ton :).


Thanks a ton :slight_smile: