[CodeChef Volunteer Opportunity] Invitation to write ZIO editorials

Hi all,
CodeChef is looking for volunteers who can help write ZIO editorials.

Details here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ELi3Hq-bau7htGjtZrtrW0UY8ubCKaIRag8PYKqgPzE/edit#gid=0

Anyone interested kindly fill this form: https://forms.gle/iqKkCRR8meYUu7R69

You will be awarded CodeChef Laddus on satisfactory completion.

Note: Anyone preparing ZIO editorial, please keep in mind that the students reading it will not know programming. Consider that these editorials will be used by a maths teacher to explain to a class 6 student.

So please avoid the use of any jargons and try to explain it in the most intuitive way possible.

Remember that these problems are meant to be solved by hand by the participants, and so, the solutions must be fast enough for them to solve all the subtasks in time, using pen and paper.

In case of any queries kindly write to us at volunteer@codechef.com


It’s possible to explain the logic very nicely, but what about implementation ?

How will a maths teacher or class 6 student understand C++ or Java Code?

Edit : I didn’t knew it was a written test :laughing: I misread ZCO. Sorry


Is this still open :slight_smile: ?

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i think u should not apply now because almost all editorials have been written already.

I already wrote an editorial for this year’s ZIO.

Hey, yes it is open. There are quite a few editorials which are remaining to be picked. Will be great if you can help us.

Looking forward to your contribution :slight_smile: