CodeChef Zero Time Submission

I had submitted a solution to a problem and I got AC, but it seems that all SubTasks took (0.000000) time
[ IF ] it is from an Ongoing Contest does it mean that only a few cases have been checked and others will be done later?

I DO KNOW that the time taken by my code is supposed to be A LOT.
@admin Is it possible to have an overflow in this time shown?

Edit: I won’t be specifying which question/any details as it may or may not be from an Ongoing Contest and there is already enough fuss about cheating and stuff.

In Codechef Long, you’re given instant feedback.

It just means your algorithm is fast. Kudos :v:t2:. CodeChef does not do system testing like codeforces. All testcases are tested when you submit. (Except the challenge problem). So if you get an AC. You get an AC.

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