Codechef's Certification

Should I take Codechef’s Certificate in Foundation level? Will I be able to crack it? Please check my profile and tell me what you feel. My score is around 450 in the current Long Challenge.

They are not really related.
You have access to the internet and resources when you give codechef contest.
Whereas , in CCDSAP you won’t get internet. You won’t have your saved template.
In usual contest there is chance that the question are more logical.
In CCDSAP, questions are expected to be more algorithmic.
You will have to implement algorithms and data structure on your own.
So it depends on how well you prepare before exam.
You can give this contest
with a timer of 3 hrs to test yourself.


Thank You. I’ll try the mock.

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Aur maine expert ke liye apply kar liya… gayi naiiyyaa paani mai …

I cannot even write fast io without my libraries, forget segment-trees :rofl::joy:


CCDSAP to Karan : nikal :thinking: ( chutki ) pehli Fursat me nikal…:joy::joy::joy:


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: wtf

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I applied for advanced ;_;.
I am quite nervous


I know all these stuff and i can’t handle presure too nd also free me certification mila to bigadna kyu , that’s why i applied for foundation.


Yeah that’s why I applied for advanced.
I will give expert afterwards.


Yes , I too did this when i previously got free certification and my friend @adityaseth1011 applied for advanced level examination ,But he failed badly and i atleast get foundation level certification which have no advantage :joy:.

Congrats @iamabhishiek

No advantage?.. why…

He wants some referal , as he qualified foundation level but he did not get any

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