CodeChef's messed up ranking system

It seems like div. 4 people are more smarter then div 1 people. In problems like Red and blue flowers in yesterday’s Starters 61, the accuracy of accepted answer is just mere 27% in division 1 while accuracy rate in div. 4 is 53%.

Now, let’s talk about next problem i.e. Palindrome partitioning, again the accuracy rate in div. 1 is 24% while in div. 4, It is staggering 67%.

Please guys fix the rating system. It’s a humble request.

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Actually that’s so true, much often its seen that the accuracy which was less in div 4 later started increasing as compared to div 1. Hope the Codechef team would fix it!


Are people smurfing ?Also , Div1 Starters are unrated . They might be trying for speed over accuracy

They are cheaters apart from everything. Just go and check submissions, everyone with same code.